I've lost my serial number


I've lost my serial number for Clip Studio Paint.

How can I recover it?


You can confirm your serial number in your order history or by the email you received upon purchase.

Note: The downloadable version of Clip Studio Paint is sold through Digital River, a global e-commerce platform.

How to login and view your order history

You can instead confirm your serial number by logging into your Digital River account with the steps below.

1. Access the following page.

Request Login/Password

2. Enter the email address you entered when you purchased the software and click "Send data".

Note: If you are purchasing with a Paypal account, enter the email address you registered with it.

3. You will receive an email asking you to reset your password.

Note: If you do not receive an email to reset your Digital River account password, please contact Digital River's Shopper Support for assistance.

4. Go to the following page and log in with your new password and email address.

My Account

5. Click on [Order Overview] at the top of the screen.

6. Click the "Order no" for Clip Studio Paint.


If your order does not appear, click "Search and filter" and change the time period to include the date of purchase.

7. Your 30-digit serial number will be shown in the "Delivery" field.

How to check for your serial number in your email

Our official site only sells the download version of Clip Studio Paint.

The serial number will be sent via email after your purchase is made.

Search "Share-it!" or "DigitalRiver" in the mailbox of the email address you used at the time of purchase.

If you cannot verify your serial number

If you have a proof of purchase, such as a receipt, please contact our support.

Note: We do not reissue lost serial numbers of packaged versions.

Celsys User Support

Email subject: [EN-FAQ-20190002]

If you can include the following information in your email, we will be able to assist you more easily.



Order ID:

Purchase date:

Email address registered in billing information:

Can you still use this email to send and receive emails?:

Note: If you are purchasing with a Paypal account, enter the email address registered with it.

For more information about Clip Studio Paint licenses other than the one-time purchase license, please see below.

For serial numbers bundled with a pen tablet

If you ordered a Monthly Usage Plan