What are the rules for using materials from ASSETS?

Here we will cover the usage rules for materials downloaded from Clip Studio Assets.

Can these be used for commercial purposes?

Yes, they can.

All materials posted onto Clip Studio Assets can be used for commercial purposes.

What is commercial use?

The use of a material in an artwork in exchange for compensation, monetary or otherwise.

Commercial use examples

・ Fanzines and doujinshi sold at events and online

・ Downloadable or online products for purchase (e-books, videos, video games, etc.)

・ Artwork published in commercial magazines

・ Artwork submitted to contests.

・ Published books such as comics, etc.

All materials may also be used for noncommercial purposes.

What is noncommercial use?

The use of a material in an artwork that is not in exchange for compensation, monetary or otherwise.

Noncommercial use examples

・ Posting online

(X (formerly Twitter), youtube, Instagram, DeviantArt, blogs or other websites)

・ Works to be distributed free of charge (academic leaflets, advertising brochures, etc.)

However, there are also "licensed materials” that have specific conditions of use.

What are licensed materials?
Licensed materials are materials distributed by CELSYS with the authorization of their rights holder.
Before downloading a licensed material, check its terms of use.
Make sure you follow each material's terms of use.

Can I make modifications to downloaded materials?

Yes, of course!

You can modify any settings of materials downloaded from Clip Studio Assets and customize them to your preference. You are free to edit downloaded materials to suit your personal workflow and art style.

For example, if you download a brush, you can modify its brush size or opacity level.

By modifying a downloaded material, does it become a new, original material?

No, it does not.

The rights of the material still belong to the person who created it. Although the material has undergone changes and could be completely different from the original downloaded material, the property rights still belong to the creator.

Can I modify downloaded materials?

Yes, you can.

Can I give another user a material that I have downloaded?

No, you cannot.

Only the user who has downloaded the material can use it. It is prohibited to give away downloaded materials to others.

The sale of downloaded materials is also not permitted.

Do I have to contact the person who posted the material in order to use it?

No, you do not.

You can use materials without informing the creator of a material beforehand, or giving them credit by mentioning their name, the name of the material, or the copyright holder.

What can I do when a material fails to import? How can I fix this?

Please see the Clip Studio Assets “Help” section.

If after you have followed the steps to use the material, it still does not work, please contact support.


Other information:

For more information on the use of Clip Studio Assets materials, see Clip Studio Assets Terms of Use and Publication Rules.

Clip Studio Assets Terms of Use

Publication Rules