Windows/macOS: How do I change my license?

If you want to upgrade from the trial or full version, please follow the steps below to register your license.
・You do not need to reinstall the software.
・A Clip Studio account is required for license registration. If you do not have an account, please register from the following page.

Changing your license

1. Launch Clip Studio.

2. From the top left of the Clip Studio screen, click [PAINT].


If the message [Your usage period has expired.] is displayed upon startup, click [I already have a license] and go to step 4.

3. When you start up Clip Studio Paint, the dialog box for changing your license appears.

For Windows Users

Select the [Help] menu > [Review/Change License].

For macOS Users

Select the Clip Studio Paint logo menu > [Review/Change License].

4. Enter your registered e-mail address and password for your Clip Studio account and click the [Login] button.

5. Click the [Activate] button on the license you want to use that you have applied with via your Clip Studio account.
To use the license you have, enter your serial number and click the [Activate] button.

6. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the license registration and launch Clip Studio Paint.