Images exported from CLIP STUDIO PAINT have blocks of missing parts.

If blocks of empty white spaces appear in your image after exporting it, please check the following settings.

*For versions before 1.8.0, please update to the latest version via the page below.

Show/Hide layers

In the Layers palette, press the Show/Hide Layers eye icon to show/hide the layer that is causing the problem.

Confirming your settings

If redisplaying the layer does not solve the problem, please try the steps below.

1. Open applicable file in CLIP STUDIO PAINT.

2. Open Preferences.

3. Select File from the settings displayed.

4. Set Use layer cache when exporting to off.

5. Click the OK button.

6. Try exporting the image again, and check that it is displayed correctly.

If the problem persists

If the above method does not fix the image, we will look into whether recovery of the clip file is possible.

Please contact the customer support center at the following address.


Celsys customer support center

・ E-mail:

・ Please add EN-FAQ-20190055 to the email subject.

Including the following information in your email will allow us to provide you with a more seamless support experience.

Operating System type and bit count:

Example. Windows 10 64-bit, etc.

Grade and version of CLIP STUDIO PAINT used:

Example. EX 1.12.0, etc.

Save location of applicable file:

Example. Internal HDD, External HDD, Dropbox, etc.