I want to upload manga and illustrations online that were made for print

Utilizing Clip Studio SHARE

When uploading a work to Clip Studio SHARE, it will issue a URL.

Sharing this URL on X (formerly Twitter) and other social media allows others to read it through a viewer.

Clip Studio Share

When uploading to other websites

When uploading a manga or illustration online that was created for print, the image may be too large making it impossible to upload, or it may be reduced upon upload, deteriorating image quality.

The required format may also be different from the print data format.

1. Select the desired format from [File] menu > [Export Image].

For online images, JPEG/PNG format is standard, but be sure to double-check the file format the site you are posting to accepts.

2. Specify the file destination and select [Save].

3. Set the Export Settings as follows:

(1) Preview
Turn on the [Preview rendering result on output] check box.
This allows you to preview the image before exporting it.

(2) Export range
Setting [To inside of crop mark], allows you to export a file with the same display size as a book.
Note: This is an EX-only function, if you are using PRO, trim the margin in advance from [Edit] menu > [Change Canvas Size] before exporting as needed.

(3) Expression color
Set to [Grayscale]. Even if the original is drawn in black and white, this setting reduces the size nicely for online use.
Note: In the case of color works, if you set this to [RGB Color], you can export for online in the same way by making the other settings the same.

(4) Advanced settings of color
Uncheck [Enable tone effect for layer].
Since the halftone dots of the tone are for printing, it is better to disable them so the image cane display well online.

(5) Output size
Check [Specify output size]. Note: It is not necessary to change the resolution.
The unit must be set to [px], with values for width and height.
If it is roughly within 1000px, the size will be suitable for online, but depending on the website, there may be an upper size limit, so please check for this and set it to the appropriate size.

(6) Process when scaling
Select [For Illustration] even if your work is a comic.
This accurately scales images, including monochrome.
Note that the [Rasterize] option is only used when [For comic] is selected.

4. Once you have the above settings, select [OK].

5. When the export preview dialog appears, clicking the [100%] icon to change the display scale to 100, so you can check the actual size of the image to be displayed online.

Increase the size of the dialog box as necessary.

If there are no problems, click [OK] and to complete the export.