Can't open clip/cmc file.

If the following happens when opening a clip/cmc file, the data may be corrupted.

  • A Unsupported file format. message appears.
  • The file loads indefinitely.
  • The application crashes.

In this case, please check the backup file with the following methods.

Is there a backup function?

If the same symptoms occur in the backup file, Celsys offers file restoration services.

Please contact the customer support center at the following address.

Contact us

Celsys User Support

Subject of email: [EN-FAQ-20190130]

Repair may not be possible depending on the severity of the file corruption.

Data other than Clip Studio formats such as .psd is not subject to restoration.

* If a file saved in an external storage device such as a USB flash memory is directly opened and edited, the file may be damaged.

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