CLIP STUDIO PAINT won't start after [CLIP STUDIO PAINT has stopped working] or [CLIP STUDIO PAINT quit unexpectedly] is displayed.

CLIP STUDIO PAINT will sometimes force shutdown upon start up or not even start at all if problems occur when receiving signals from the pen tablet driver.

This includes if the forced shutdown occurred when creating a canvas or when loading one after starting CLIP STUDIO PAINT.

Please uninstall the pen tablet's driver, restart your PC, and try loading the software.

If you have used other pen tablets in the past and have multiple tablet drivers installed, please uninstall all of them.

If you are using a Wacom tablet, it will be displayed in the list of programs as shown below.

Please uninstall any of the programs that are displayed below.


・Wacom tablet




・Wacom utility

・Bamboo utility

*If you do not know how to uninstall them, please confirm with the pen tablet manufacturer.

If CLIP STUDIO PAINT starts normally, close the software, reinstall the latest drivers for the pen tablet, and try starting the software again.

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