I can't log into my Clip Studio account

If you cannot login to your Clip Studio account please check the following.

If you forgot your password, see here.

If you are logging in with an unregistered email address

In the following cases, a Clip Studio account will not be created, so please go here to register a new account.

  • Purchasing the one-time purchase (download) version of Clip Studio Paint
  • Using the limited feature version
  • Using a license that came bundled with a Wacom product (license not authenticated)

Note: If you are unsure if you have registered for an account, please refer to the following article.

Windows/macOS: When the screen freezes upon logging in

If the screen freezes and you cannot operate Clip Studio or Clip Studio Paint when logging in, the login dialog may have appeared outside of your monitor display, please refer to the following.

If you get the "Cannot log in" error message

If you get the "Cannot log in.” error message when logging into Clip Studio, please update the app to the latest version from here.

Windows/macOS: If you still cannot log in after the update

There may be a problem with Clip Studio's network connection.

For details, see the following:

Windows: I do not see any error but cannot log in

If you encounter the following situation when logging into Clip Studio, a Microsoft Defender setting may be the cause.

  • When logging in, I get no error and cannot login
  • When I try to download materials after logging in, I get the message "Please log in"

Please refer to the following page to turn off Controlled folder access in Microsoft Defender settings.

If the problem persists

If the above does not improve the situation, please contact us here:


Celsys User Support

・ E-mail: support@celsys.com

・ Please add “EN-FAQ-20190166” to the email subject.

Including the following information in your email will allow us to provide you with a more seamless support experience.

・Your device’s Operating System

・ Date and time of last login

・ Date and time of first rejected login

・ Registered email address

・ Full error message when attempting to log in.

・Whether you can or can’t log in from both Clip Studio applications and website.

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