(iPad) 100GB cloud space won't activate

If you have ordered the iPad version of Clip Studio Paint, but your Clip Studio cloud storage is still not 100GB, please try the following.

1. Select [Clip Studio Paint] menu > [Purchase App/Change grade or payment plan].

2. Select [Restore Purchase] at the bottom of the screen to restore your purchase information.

3. Once [Restoration Complete] displays, select [OK] and check whether your cloud storage in Clip Studio has been changed to 100GB.

If this does not work, log out of your Apple ID, restart your iPad, and try [Restore Purchase] again.

Note: If your PC version of Clip Studio is still displaying as 10GB even though the iPad version cloud storage is 100GB, please log out from Clip Studio on your PC and try again after logging back in with your iPad.

Make sure that your username is the same as that of your iPad's Clip Studio username.

If you are using a Monthly Usage Plan released on April 9, 2020, please see here.