(iPad) 100GB cloud space won't activate

The 100GB of cloud storage for Clip Studio is only available to customers who signed up for a monthly plan for iPad (EX) before April 9, 2020.

Note: The storage is still available if you switch from one of the old monthly usage plans to a newer plan, such as the single-device plan.

Please follow the steps below to check your plan type.

Check your plan type

Please see the following pages to see if your plan is applicable.

Eligible 100GB plans (old monthly usage plan)

・CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX for iPad Monthly plan

・CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX for iPad Annual plan

Note: The following plans are not eligible.

・Single-device plan

・Dual-device plan

・Premium plan

・Smartphone plan

If your plan is eligible for 100GB of storage, but 10GB is displayed on screen, it may mean that your purchase has not yet been applied.

Please refer to the following FAQ and click on the [Restore Purchases] button.

If you have 100GB on the iPad version, but are still at 10GB on other devices, please log out of your Clip Studio account and log back in.

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