Installation fails and a file error saying [Access is denied] is displayed.

We have received reports that if you have the following security software installed in a Windows environment, an [Access is denied (0x5)] file error will be displayed, resulting in installation failure of CLIP STUDIO PAINT.

・Webroot SecureAnywhere (Version, or

How to resolve this issue

Please perform the following procedures and see if the issue is resolved.

*For instructions on how to use the security software, please contact the manufacturer.

1. Download CLIP STUDIO PAINT from the following page.

2. Restart your PC.

3. Physically disconnect from the network so that your PC is offline.
  *Remove the LAN cable, turn off wireless LAN, etc.

4. Use the security software to scan your PC and check that there are no security risks.

5. If there are no risks, temporarily disable the security software.

6. Uninstall the applications in the order of CLIP STUDIO PAINT, and then CLIP STUDIO.

7. Restart your PC.

8. If the security software is active after restarting your PC, temporarily disable it again.


If you have multiple security softwares installed on your PC, it is possible that they are adversely affecting each other, resulting in unexpected errors.

Please uninstall any unnecessary security software.