Unable to open multi-page work files (Including cases where pages are replaced by a blank page)


When you move a clip file into a work folder to a different location or change its file name, opening the cmc file (page management file) will display the following error.

Ver 1.9.1 and later

“Could not open the page management file. The following page(s) could not be found. Please check the location of the file(s).”

Ver 1.9.0 or earlier

“The following page could not be imported, so it was replaced with a white page.”

If this message appears, please follow the steps below.


Create a copy (backup) of the work folder in another location and perform the following operations.

Ver 1.9.1 and later

If you moved the file:

Move the file back to the original work folder and open the cmc file again.

If you changed the file name:

Revert the file name to its original name and open the cmc file again.

Ver 1.9.0 or earlier

In versions prior to 1.9.0, a blank page is created for each missing page. Please open the cmc file and replace the pages according to the following procedure.

1. Open the corresponding cmc file by double-clicking it.

2. On the page management window, single click the blank page to select it.

3. Select [Story] menu > [Replace page].

4. On the displayed dialog, select the clip file you moved or changed the name of, and replace the file.

If the problem is not fixed

If an error is displayed even if you have all the clip files, please follow the following procedure.

1. Copy the clip files in the work folder to another location, and check if you can open each clip file.

2. If you successfully opened the clip file, create a multi-page work from [File] menu > [New] and load each clip file from [Story] menu > [Import Page].

If the clip file cannot be opened, check the following article and see if there are any backup files that you can open normally.

Is there a backup feature?

If the problem is not fixed after following these procedures, please contact the following user support.


Celsys User Support

Please add “EN-FAQ-20190221” to the email title.