When I verify my serial number, I get a message telling me the serial number is incorrect.


When I enter my serial number in Clip Studio Paint, I get a message telling me the serial number is incorrect.

Possible causes

  • You have entered the partial serial number that is shown in [Version Information].

  • The letters or numbers you have entered are incorrect.

Examples: The letter “O” was entered instead of the number “0”.

A letter or number is missing.


1. Open the e-mail you received when you purchased Clip Studio Paint, highlight the serial number, right-click and select copy.

2. Select the first entry field in the serial number verification screen, and press Ctrl + V to paste your serial number.

Note: For Mac devices, press Command + V.

If your tablet PC does not have a keyboard, press the touch keyboard icon on the bottom right of the screen to open it. For visual reference, please see the following site.

Then tap Ctrl + V to paste your serial number.

Open the touch keyboard

If you have deleted the email with your Clip Studio Paint serial number, check how to recover a lost serial number on the following page, then copy and paste it.

When registering the license with a serial number, if the language of the serial does not match the software language, the software will not launch. In this case, it will be necessary to reinstall the software and select the corresponding language.

Choosing a language