Clip Studio Tabmate troubleshooting

If certain buttons or wheels of the Clip Studio Tabmate do not work or malfunction, please check the following.

Checking the hardware

Replace the battery and check if the issue persists.

If malfunctions such as continuous undos occur, the battery may be dead.

When replacing batteries, make sure the minus (-) and plus (+) signs are correct.

Checking the Bluetooth adapter

If you are using a Bluetooth adapter to connect Clip Studio Tabmate, please check the following.

- When a Bluetooth adapter driver is installed, operation may become unstable.
Please uninstall the driver provided by the manufacturer and use the OS standard driver.

- Plug the Bluetooth adapter into another USB port, and check the Tabmate.
If the Bluetooth adapter is plugged in via USB hub, please plug it into the PC's USB port.

Check key assignment applications.

The Clip Studio Tabmate may not work properly if a key assignment application is installed on the PC.

- Karabiner-Elements
- USB Overdrive, etc.

Please uninstall the application and check the Tabmate.

If you cannot uninstall the application, turn off the Clip Studio Tabmate in your key assignment application.

* For details on how to set ON / OFF for each device, please check with the application developer.

Setting security software exclusion settings

Security software may be interfering with the application.

Please refer to the following page for security exclusion settings.

If the problem persists

If performance does not improve even after checking all of the above, you Clip Studio Tabmate may be defective.

Please contact the following user support address.


CELSYS User Support

- Please write "EN-FAQ-20190237" in the subject line.

- Please describe the date and time of purchase, as well as details of the failure.