What are the payment options for monthly usage plans?

You can use a credit card or certain debit cards to pay for your plan if you sign up via the official Clip Studio site or through the computer version of the app.

When signing up via an app store, you can use whatever payment methods the store operator offers.

Buying the one-time purchase version?
The payment methods available for the one-time purchase versions are different to those for monthly usage plans (monthly and annual payments).
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From the iPad or iPhone

Payment can be made by Apple ID.

See the App Store for more details.

From a Samsung Galaxy device

Payment can be made through the Galaxy Store.

See Galaxy’s official site for more details.

Samsung Customer Support

From the Android or Chromebook

Payment can be made through the Google Play.

See the Google Play for more details.

From a web browser or the PC version

The following payment methods are available.

Credit card

If you have an Activation code, you can also use this to sign up for a plan.

Debit cards can be used if they are supported by the following card networks.

・ Visa
・ MasterCard

Some debit cards may not be accepted depending on the type of card.
If you receive an error when making a card payment, please contact your card issuer or bank.