Is there any way to restore a canvas from a force quit?

If Clip Studio Paint is force quits, it will automatically restore the canvas on the next startup.

Open [Preferences] and under [Restore] in the [File] category, if [Enable Restore Canvas] is checked, the restored information will be saved at the set save interval.

Please see below for instructions on how to open [Preferences] on each device.

For Windows
From the [File] menu, select [Preferences].

For macOS
From the [CLIP STUDIO PAINT] menu, select [Preferences].

For Tablets (iPad/Galaxy Tab)
Select [Preferences] from the Clip Studio Paint icon.

For Smartphones (iPhone/Samsung Galaxy)
(1) Tap the [≡] Menu and select [App Settings].
(2) Select [Preferences].

For Ver 1.7.1 and later: