Is there anything I should be aware of when using DeX mode with a Galaxy device?

Clip Studio Paint for Galaxy can be used by connecting a device that supports DeX mode to a monitor or a computer.

Please see the following for notes on using DeX mode.

When connecting to a computer with a smartphone

To connect a Samsung Galaxy series smartphone to your computer with DeX mode, you must first download the DeX application to your computer.

You can find the DeX application for your OS from the following page. Download it and connect.

When screen sharing

If your monitor or computer screen is the same display as your device and does not switch to DeX mode, please check your settings.

For Samsung Galaxy series smartphones

1. Open Settings on your device

2. Select Connections

3. Select More connection settings

4. Select HDMI Mode and make sure it is set to Samsung DeX

For Galaxy Tab series Tablets

1. Pull down notification bar.

2. Pull down a second time to fully expand it.

3. Tap Samsung DeX on the Quick Panel to make sure it is enabled.

Transferring Settings (Smartphones)

When using DeX mode on a Samsung Galaxy series smartphone, the interface will change from smartphone to tablet mode.

Since the following settings will not be applied after connecting, please reconfigure them after switching to DeX mode.

・Palette Layout
・Command Bar Settings
・Selection Launcher Settings

Note: Even after disconnecting from DeX mode, please reconfigure these settings.