How does Clip Studio Paint work with Apple M-series chips?

For information on how Clip Studio Paint works on Macs with Apple M-series chips, please see below.

Note: Any updates will be added to this page.

What versions of Clip Studio Paint are supported?

Clip Studio Paint Ver. 1.10.3 or later is supported for Macs with Apple M-series chips.

You can export both multiple pages and images faster and draw more comfortably.

What 3D data files can I import? (Updated September 28, 2022)

The 3D data files that can be imported are as follows.

3D Data
FBX, LWO, LWS, OBJ, GLTF, GLB, C2FR/C2FC (Celsys Character Format), 6KT, 6KH, PEP, CS3C ( Clip Studio Character Format), CS3O (Clip Studio Object Format), CS3S (Clip Studio Background Format)

Note: GLTF and GLB can be imported by updating to Clip Studio Paint Ver. 1.12.7.

Can I connect a pen tablet? (Updated June 10, 2022)

The driver provided by Wacom is officially compatible with Macs with Apple M-series chips.

For more information, please check the following page.

Can I import ComicStudio or IllustStudio files?

Unfortunately, ComicStudio or IllustStudio files cannot be imported and there is no support for transferring settings.


Unfortunately, you cannot use QUMARION.