What should I do if my Chromebook plan does not take effect?

If the plan purchased from the Google Play does not show/take effect in the Chromebook version of Clip Studio Paint, please restore purchases to apply the plan.

Note: If you applied for a monthly usage plan from our website or from [License Options] on the Windows/macOS version of the software, please check the following FAQ.

Restore Purchases

1. Tap the Clip Studio Paint icon > [Purchase app / [Purchase app / Check grade or payment plan].

2. If the login screen for your Clip Studio account is displayed, log in and scroll down on the displayed application screen.

3. Tap [Restore Purchases].

4. Quit and restart the Clip Studio Paint app.

5. Select [Review/Change License] and confirm if your plan takes effect.

Note: If it does not take effect, please restart the Chromebook and repeat the above procedure from step 5.

About restarting Clip Studio Paint

Note: For information on how to restart Clip Studio Paint for Chromebook, please refer to the following.