Galaxy/Android: How do I import brush files into Clip Studio Paint?


How can I import .sut files and Photoshop brush files into Clip Studio Paint?


There are two ways to do this: You can import from the Sub tool palette menu, or drag and drop a brush file into the Sub tool palette.

Click here to see the brush formats that can be imported.


Be sure to unzip any zipped brush files first.

Imported zip files may not load.

Importing a material from the palette menu

1. Tap the menu button in the upper left corner of the Sub tool palette. Note: If you are using a smartphone, long-press the sub tool selection screen to display the menu.

2. Select [Import sub tool].

3. Select [Import] from the menu button in the dialog.

4. Open to where the brush is saved, select the brush file you want to import.

Note: This screen is displays differently depending on your device type.

5. Select the brush file you want to import and tap [Open].

6. The brush file will be imported as a sub tool.

Importing via drag and drop

1. Make sure that the file browser app installed on your device and Clip Studio Paint are running.

Note: The file browser app that comes pre-installed on your device may be called Files or My Files, depending on the manufacturer.

2. Show both apps in split screen mode.


The procedure for setting apps in split screen depends on the manufacturer of the tablet or smartphone.

Generally, there is a method of displaying both the file browser and another application at the same time.


Please check the manufacturer of your device for how to set your device in split screen mode.

3. Import the brush file by dragging it into the Sub tool palette.

Some file browser apps do not support drag and drop between apps. If you cannot drag and drop from your file browser app, please follow the steps under "Importing a material from the palette menu" on this page to import the brush file.

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