If I uninstall Clip Studio Paint, will my work and settings data be lost?


If I uninstall Clip Studio Paint, will I lose all of my work, including any materials in the Materials palette, customized settings, etc.?


Whether or not data is retained when Clip Studio Paint is uninstalled depends on the OS you are using.

iPad / iPhone / Galaxy / Android / Chromebook

When Clip Studio Paint is uninstalled, all related data on the device, including works, materials, and settings, will be deleted.

Before uninstalling the software, please make backups as needed.

Backing Up Your Works to the Cloud

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How to Use the Manage Materials Screen

The only materials that can be backed up are your own created materials. Please re-download other materials from Clip Studio Assets if necessary.


Even if you uninstall Clip Studio Paint, all of your work, materials, and settings will remain.