Assets: How can I import workspace materials?

You can use workspace materials downloaded from Clip Studio Assets by importing them from the Material palette in Clip Studio Paint.

Note: Workspace materials cannot be imported to the smartphone version.

Check the following page for information on importing other types of materials.


1. Select any category in the Window > Material menu

2. Select the material in the Material palette > Download folder.

3. Press the Paste material button at the bottom of the Material palette.

4. Before the workspace is replaced, a confirmation screen will appear asking you to save the current workspace. Enter a name for the current workspace and click OK.

5. When the “Workspace import settings” dialog appears, check the information and click OK if there are no issues.

If there are any workspace settings that you don’t want to be applied, uncheck those settings.

6. The workspace will be applied. Click OK in the confirmation dialog to finish.

To revert to the previous workspace, go to the Window menu > Workspace, and select the workspace you saved in step 4.