macOS Ventura: What should I do if Clip Studio apps aren't automatically updated?


We have confirmed that Clip Studio and Clip Studio Paint are not automatically updated on macOS Ventura (13.0) provided by Apple on October 25.

This bug will be fixed in a future version.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.


Go to macOS System Settings > Privacy & Security, select Files and Folders > CLIP STUDIO, and turn the ability to access Downloads Folder on.

1. Go to Apple menu > System Settings.

2. Select Privacy & Security > Files and Folders.

3. Select CLIP STUDIO to turn the ability to access Donwloads Folder on.

Update the apps again after setting the access to be turned on.

Downloads Folder doesn't appear to turn the ability to access it on

If Downloads Folder doesn't appear and the access cannot be turned on, update the apps by running the pkg file in the CLIP STUDIO PAINT folder.

If you don’t have the pkg file, download and run the latest version from here.

1. Open Downloads > CLIP STUDIO PAINT folder.

2. Double-click the pkg file.

3. Follow the instructions of the installer to update the software.

Apps cannot be updated

If you are still unable to update the apps after following the above solution, please contact our user support.


Clip Studio User Support

・Please add “EN-FAQ-20220064” to the email subject.