What should I do if my iPad or iPhone plan does not take effect?

If the plan purchased from the App Store does not show/take effect in the iPad or iPhone version of Clip Studio Paint, please restore purchases to apply the plan.

Note: If you applied for a monthly usage plan from our website or from [License Options] on the Windows/macOS version of the software, please check the following FAQ.

Restore Purchases

1. Select [Purchase app / Change grade or payment plan].

● iPad

Tap the Clip Studio Paint icon > [Purchase app / Change grade or payment plan].

● iPhone

(1) Tap the [≡] menu > [App Settings].

(2) Select [Purchase app / Change grade or payment plan].

2. If the Clip Studio login screen appears, log in and scroll down on the displayed application screen.

3. Tap [Restore Purchases].

4. Quit and restart the Clip Studio Paint app.

5. Select [Review/Change License] and confirm if your plan takes effect.

Note: If it does not take effect, please restart the iPad/iPhone and repeat the above procedure from step 5.

About restarting

For more information on how to restart Clip Studio Paint for iPad or iPhone, please see the following pages.

● Restart Clip Studio Paint

● iPad

● iPhone

If the problem persists

If [Restore Purchases] does not improve the issue, please also check the following.

Apple ID

For the iPad and iPhone versions, when you launch the app and sign up for a monthly usage plan from the App Store, your plan will be tied to your Apple ID.

Please make sure that the Apple ID that installed Clip Studio Paint is the same as the one you used to apply for a monthly usage plan.

Time on the iPad/iPhone

If the time set on the iPad/iPhone does not match the actual time, [Restore Purchases] may not be performed correctly.

If the current time is off by a fair amount, reset the time and perform the [Restore Purchases] procedure again.