Lines appear messy, rough, or jaggy

If the lines appear messy or rough, please check the following.

The display scale is too large.

When the display scale is larger than 100%, individual pixels will show up, as seen in the image below.
Since images consist a group of dots, scaling up the picture will make these dots visible.

In this case, set the scale to 100% and check the image.
If the lines look clean at 100% scale, there is no issue with the image’s quality.

The display scale is too small.

When the scale is smaller than 100%, the lines will look jagged, as seen in the image below.

While the image preview makes the image look rough at specific scales, there is no problem with the image’s quality if the lines look clean at 100% scale.

The quality of the image preview at low scales can be improved through the following settings:

1. Open Preferences.

2. From the left categories, select Canvas.

3. Set the display quality to High quality.

4. The image preview will be displayed in higher quality.

The line does not have anti-aliasing

A monochrome line without anti-aliasing may appear jaggy and rough even if the scale is set to 100%.

Monochrome lines are used for documents that are meant to be printed. Similar to the above, this will not affect the printing quality as long as the resolution is over 600 dpi.

Drawing a line with no anti-aliasing at resolutions below 600 dpi, such as 300 or 350 dpi will make the jaggies noticeable when printing.

・Antialiasing is the process of slightly blurring an image to make it look smoother at full size.

・Low-resolution documents will still have low image quality even if the resolution is changed to 600 dpi afterward, and will look messy compared to documents initially created at 600 dpi.

The pen pressure is not working, or the lines are unstable

If drawing itself is unstable, for example the pen pressure isn't working or the lines are rough, there may be a problem with the pen tablet driver.

In that case, check the following articles.