What should I do when the previous grade of the product starts up even though I purchased EX?

CLIP STUDIO PAINT determines the start-up grade based on license information registered to the application.

If the product starts up the previous grade, please check the serial number that has been authenticated.

For Windows users: You can check this by going to [Help] menu→ [Version Information].

For macOS users: You can check this by going to [CLIP STUDIO PAINT] menu→ [Version information].

If the sixth digit of your serial number is not the letter "E," a grade other than EX has been registered.

By following the steps below, you can register your EX license to the application, and change the start-up grade to EX.

How to register your CLIP STUDIO PAINT license.


2. For Windows users: Go to the [Help] menu and select [Register License].

For macOS users: Go to the [CLIP STUDIO PAINT] menu and select [Register License].

3. Enter your full version serial number into the space displayed and click [Register License].

4. Follow the steps displayed on the screen to register your license.

5. Start CLIP STUDIO PAINT again.

After registering your license, you will be able to use the EX version of CLIP STUDIO PAINT.

If you don't know your serial number.

Please check the following page on how to confirm your serial number.

・How to confirm your serial number.