I want to transfer custom settings and materials for Clip Studio Paint to another device

Here are the steps to continue using Clip Studio Paint on a new device.


Please update to the latest version of Clip Studio Paint on both your existing device and your new device before transferring settings or materials.

Transfer by cloud

You can use Clip Studio's cloud service to transfer your custom settings and materials.

This service is available to be used from each OS.

Note: For materials downloaded from Clip Studio Assets, please re-download them after logging into Clip Studio from your new device.

Please see the following page for detailed transfer setting procedures.

■ Transfer Settings

■ Transfer Materials

Transfer by copying the settings folder (Windows/macOS)

If you want to transfer settings without using the Internet, copy the settings folder directly to another PC using the method on the following page.



・The transfer source OS and the transfer destination OS must be the same.
・ For tablets, smartphones, and Chromebooks, please use the transfer by cloud method.