“Effective term for product is expired” or similar is displayed

If you use a 30-day trial version of Clip Studio Paint or a time-limited license, you will not be able to use it after the usage period expires.

If you wish to continue using it, please purchase the product version from the following page.

If you were using a trial version

The trial version of Clip Studio Paint allows you to try all the functions for 30 days.

After 30 days, it will launch as a trial version with limited functions and will not be able to save or export.

Note: Recovery Information will be saved.

Please check the following page for details about the limited features version.

If [Valid term for license has been expired] is displayed at startup even though the product version has been purchased, the license registered in the application is still a trial version.

Refer to How to activate a perpetual license below to switch licenses.

How to switch to the product version

After purchasing a license be sure to authenticate it according to the procedure on the following page.

Authenticating the license will allow you to start using the app.



Samsung Galaxy/Android