“Effective term for product is expired” or similar is displayed

If you use a 30-day trial version of Clip Studio Paint or a time-limited license, you will not be able to use it after the usage period expires.

If you want to continue using it, please purchase the product version.

If you have a time-limited serial number that comes with the Wacom bundle version, you can purchase the app at a discounted price.

Please see If you have used a time-limited serial number below.

If you were using a trial version

The trial version of Clip Studio Paint allows you to try all the functions for 30 days.

After 30 days, it will launch as a trial version with limited functions and will not be able to save or export.

Note: Recovery Information will be saved.

Please check the following page for details about the limited features version.

If [Valid term for license has been expired] is displayed at startup even though the product version has been purchased, the license registered in the application is still a trial version.

Refer to How to activate a perpetual license below to switch licenses.

If you were using a time-limited license

If you are using a time-limited license such as a 24 month version that comes with your Wacom tablet and [Valid term for license has been expired] is displayed, the license validity period has expired.

If you have the serial number, you can purchase a Clip Studio Paint PRO license at a discount.

Alternatively, you can obtain a Clip Studio Paint DEBUT license for free.

Note: Activation codes are not eligible for the discounted pricing.

For details on discount purchases, please refer to the following page.

How to apply for a discount

If you do not know the serial number of the bundled version

How to switch to the product version

After purchasing a license be sure to authenticate it according to the procedure on the following page.

Authenticating the license will allow you to start using the app.



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