I can’t use certain 3D materials or open .clip files with 3D objects.

Updated Dec 06, 2022

Clip Studio Paint ver. 1.13.0, released on December 6, 2022, supports Save in compatibility mode. Update to the latest version here.

When version compatibility information is saved to a clip file with Ver. 1.5 compatible 3D layers

Layers can be edited even when a file is opened on tablets, smartphones, or Chromebooks.

Note: Only the layer containing Ver. 1.5 compatible 3D materials will be locked, not the entire canvas.

For information details on saving in compatibility mode, see the following article.

Ver. 1.5 compatible 3D materials

When downloading 3D materials from Clip Studio Assets, some materials may have a message saying "This material can be used on Windows and Mac (Intel) systems." Materials with this message cannot be imported on the following devices.

・Samsung Galaxy device
・Android device

In the Windows/macOS (Intel) versions of Clip Studio Paint, this refers to materials that have the text "(Compatible with Version 1.5)" shown at the top of the Tool Property palette when these materials are selected.

Note: For the macOS (Apple M-series) version, please update Clip Studio Paint to version 1.10.10 and above and then import.