Clip Studio Paint becomes unstable due to Microsoft Defender settings.


We have been informed that the issues below may occur if the Windows Security System (Microsoft Defender)’s Controlled Folder Access is turned on.

  • Clip Studio cannot be installed, cannot be started.
  • Tool settings cannot be saved
  • “Unable to find file.” error displays and file cannot be saved
  • The error message "Failed to import the tool settings file and brush shape preset settings file successfully." appears, and Clip Studio Paint cannot be started without deleting these files.
  • When you open the material with CLIP STUDIO ASSETS, a blank page opens.

Issues confirmed in:

  • Windows 10


Note: Displayed items may vary depending on the operating system.

Follow the methods below and see if the situation improves.

1. Select the Windows Start button, and click Settings.

2. Select Updates and Security.

3. On the left side of the screen, select Windows Security > Open Windows Security.

4. Select Virus & Threat Protection.

5. From Virus & Threat Protection settings, select Manage Settings.

6. Select Manage Controlled Folder Access.

7. Turn off the controlled folder access setting.

8. Uninstall Clip Studio Paint, then Clip Studio.

9. Reinstall Clip Studio Paint.

*Uninstalling the PC version of CLIP STUDIO PAINT will not delete drawings, materials, or other settings.


If you want to use Controlled Folder Access while it is enabled, update to the latest version of Clip Studio Paint and follow the instructions on the following page to move the user data folder.