CLIP STUDIO is displayed as OFFLINE / 12006 error is displayed

If you experience problems when using services that require a network connection, such as logging in, downloading materials, viewing courses, etc. with the Clip Studio application, check the following.

* This includes cases where [OFFLINE Not connected to the Internet.] is displayed even though the PC is connected to the internet.

Check Internet Explorer / Safari version

Clip Studio communicates using Internet Explorer for Windows and Safari for macOS, regardless of the browser you normally use.

If your browser version is old, please update to the latest version.

For Windows, be sure to update to Internet Explorer 11.

[Windows] Deleting cache and history of Internet Explorer

Deleting or resetting the Internet Explorer cache / history may improve performance.

How to delete Internet Explorer cache

1. Start Internet Explorer11.

2. Click the gear-shaped icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

3. Click [Safety] > [Delete Browsing History].

4. [Delete Browsing History] will be displayed. Check all items and click the [Delete] button.

5. Restart your PC and check if the issue persists.

How to reset Internet Explorer

1. Start Internet Explorer.

2. Click the gear mark in the upper right and click Internet Options.

3. Click Reset in the Advanced tab.

4. The [Reset Internet Explorer Settings] dialog box will be displayed. Check [Delete personal settings] and click [Reset].
Please check the information in the window before resetting.

5. Once the reset is complete, click close, OK, and then click OK again.

6. Exit Internet Explorer and restart your PC to check if the issue persists.

[macOS] How to delete Safari cache, cookies, and history

Deleting the cache, cookies, and history of Safari may improve performance.

Delete cache

1. Click the [Safari] menu > [Preferences] > [Advanced].

2. Check [Show Develop menu in menu bar].

3. Click the [Develop] menu displayed on the menu bar.

4. Click [Empty Caches].

Deleting cookies

1. Click the [Safari] menu > [Preferences] > [Privacy].

2. Click [Manage Website Data] in [Cookies and website data].

3. Click [Remove All] and click [Done].

Clearing history

1. Click [Safari] menu > [Clear History].

2. Set [Clear] to [all history].

3. Click [Clear History].

Setting security software exclusion settings

Security software may be interfering with the application.
Please refer to the following page for security exclusion settings.

How to deal with individual cases

If you are experiencing any of the following issues, please check the corresponding article.

If you cannot log in

[If material download fails]

When a material-related error is displayed in the CLIP STUDIO communication management

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