Windows/macOS: Can I use Clip Studio Paint on a third computer?


Is it possible to install and use Clip Studio Paint on a third computer?


If the license is for Clip Studio Paint PRO/EX, it can be used on a third computer by deactivating the existing license.

The authentication is deactivated when Clip Studio Paint is started on the third computer and the serial number is entered.

Note: No configuration is required to do on the old computer.

■ License Options

One-time purchase (Download Version)

■ Device Options

Windows / macOS

- You can install and use the license on up to two computers at if the requirements are met.
- If you want to use the software on three computers at all times, you will need to purchase a new license.

If you ordered a Monthly Usage Plan

If you have signed up for a monthly usage plan, the number of devices you can use the software on varies depending on the plan you have chosen.

For details, see “Terms of Monthly Usage Plans”.