Windows/macOS: How do I change the language of my Clip Studio Paint monthly usage plan?

You can change the language by reinstalling Clip Studio Paint.

Note: This will not affect the data of your works or settings after the reinstallation.

Sub tool names will continue to display in the language set before the change.
To change sub tool names, see the Changing sub tool names below.


Languages cannot be changed for Ver. 1 (one-time purchase perpetual version) because a serial number is assigned to each language.


1. If you have a work in progress, save it and exit Clip Studio Paint.

2. Download and install the application from the following page.

3. Select the language you want from the Select Language screen that is shown when you run the installer.

● Windows

● macOS

Changing sub tool names

You can change the sub tool names to the language you have set by resetting the Tools to default.

This operation resets all settings to default, deleting any customizations and brushes you may have created.
If you do not want to use the default settings, change only the Name in the Settings of sub tool.

For more information about resetting tool settings to default, please refer to the following FAQ.

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