How do I change my monthly usage plan?

The following changes can be made to the Clip Studio Paint monthly usage plan purchased from the official Clip Studio website (Clip Studio app/Clip Studio store).

・Switching from PRO to EX

・Changing the number of devices

・Changing from a monthly payment to an annual payment, etc.

For details on how to change plans, please follow the steps below.

If you signed up via another store (App Store/Galaxy Store/Google Play), please click here.


1. Select the plan you are currently using from the following page and press Change plan.

Monthly Usage Plan Information

Note: If you do not see Change plan, click here.

2. Select your new plan from the list, and click Enter.

3. Check the details of your new plan and click Change.

Your new plan will be activated when you see the plan change confirmation screen, where you can confirm the details of the change.

When changing software grades

If you have changed between the PRO and EX grades please see the following FAQ.

When and how much you will pay to change plans

You will be able to confirm when and how much you will be charged for your plan change on the plan detail screen before confirming the change (steps 2 and 3 of “Procedure”).

Example: Changing from a PRO Single-device plan to an EX Single-device plan


The charge for your plan change will come at one of the two following times.

・Immediately after you change your plan

・On your next regular payment day

See the following page for more information.

If your plan change comes into effect immediately after signing up, you will be required to pay the pro-rated difference between the two plans.

Note: If your plan change comes into effect on your next regular payment, you will not be able to receive a refund for, or cancel the remaining days of your old plan.

If you do not see “Change plan”

If you do not see Change plan, it may mean that you have signed up for your plan through another store (App Store/Galaxy Store/Google Play).

Please refer to the following FAQs to help you modify your plan.

● App Store

● Galaxy Store

● Google Play

Please see the “Purchasing from Google Play” section in the following FAQ.

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