How do I register my activation code?

If you have a Clip Studio Paint Activation code, please register it on the following page.

Once your code is activated, you will be able to use the app.

Enter your activation code here:

1. Register your activation code

1. Open the activation code entry page.

Note: You will need to log in to your Clip Studio account.

2. Enter your code and press Submit.

3. When the screen showing Your Activation Code appears, press Next.

4. Select the plan to which you want to apply your activation code and tap Apply.

When you use it to apply to an existing Monthly Usage Plan

Select the plan you want to apply from the list of Your plan and press Confirm.

5. Check your plan and tap Confirm.

By applying the activation code as above, your account will be granted a license for Clip Studio Paint.


You can enter your activation code when you launch the Clip Studio Paint app on any device, excluding iPad and iPhone.

2. License Authentication

Follow the steps below to authenticate the license that has been granted to your account.

1. Install the app if you have not done so already by downloading it from the page below.

2. Start the application


Double-click Clip Studio to launch it and then click PAINT on the top left of the screen.

Other devices

Tap the Clip Studio icon to start the software.

3. Bring up the license authentication screen.

PCs and tablets

Select I already have a license / Sign up for a free trial.


Tap Use existing license

・You will need to log into your Clip Studio account.
・If you do not see this screen, go to Review/Change License.

4. The license will be automatically authenticated and Clip Studio Paint will startup.


If a license list pops up, tap the license that you want to use and press Activate.

If the authentication screen does not display

If the authentication screen does not display in step 3 of “Verify license,” open Review/Change License after launching the application.

For details on how to open the file on each device, please refer to the following FAQ.