Does the Clip Studio series work on macOS Monterey?

Please see the chart below for Clip Studio series products' compatibility on macOS Monterey (12.0.1), released by Apple on October 26, 2021.

Support Status Table

✔ ... Main operations such as program launching, drawing, and saving have been confirmed without any problems.

△... Basic operations can be performed but some problems were found.

× ... Basic operations cannot be performed.

Support Status

Clip Studio Series
Clip Studio Paint1.11.4✔*1, 2
Clip Studio1.11.0
Clip Studio MODELER1.11.0✔*1
Clip Studio TABMATE-✔*3

*1 When enabling iCloud Drive, please refer to these Apple guidelines.

*2 Files exported as .bmp may not appear correctly when using the OS's built-in Quick Look preview feature. There is, however, no problem with the file itself.

*3 Please refer to here for details on how to set permissions.

If you wish to confirm compatibility of Celsys products not listed above, please contact technical support here.

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