Tell me about Clip Studio Paint's stability guarantee policy

In accordance with the release of Clip Studio Paint Ver. 2.0 and later, we would like to advise our users of our stability guarantee policy.

Stability updates

After the release of Clip Studio Paint Ver. 2.0, we will continue to provide Stability updates for the Windows/macOS perpetual version.

What are stability updates?
These are free updates carried out when the basic functions of the app no longer work due to factors such as OS or device updates.

  • Stability updates are available for the current and previous version of the app.
Current versionSupported versions
3.0 (planned)3.0/2.0
4.0 (planned)4.0/3.0
  • Currently we plan to offer stability updates for Ver.1 after Ver.2.0 and Ver.3.0 are released.
  • This update does not add any new features.

For Windows and macOS monthly usage plans and update passes, we will provide updates to the latest version to improve quality and add new features.

Supported operating systems

For each OS, a major version upgrade is performed annually. The Clip Studio series will update its OS support once a year to take full advantage of the benefits of major OS upgrades, such as improved security.

We will continue to accept support inquiries regardless of the app version or OS you are using.


The latest versions of Windows 10 and 11.


Three OS versions, including the latest version


Two OS versions, including the latest version

Android OS

Four OS versions, including the latest version

Note: The timing of OS updates and eligible devices vary by manufacturer. For information on OS updates for your device, please check the information provided by the manufacturer.

For more information on system requirements for Clip Studio series products, see the following page.

We will announce the operation status of our Clip Studio series products as needed in according to announcements of scheduled releases. Please use this information as a reference for OS and device updates.