A delay occurs when drawing.

Delays, when you draw with Clip Studio Paint, differ depending on your device and it’s internal timing.

Uninstall the pen tablet’s driver, reinstall the latest driver and check to see if operation improves.

Also, be sure to update Clip Studio Paint to the newest version.

Download Clip Studio Paint

If this does not resolve the problem, please proceed as follows:

If the pen lags or causes a straight line at the beginning of a stroke (Windows)

Please check the FAQ below.

(Windows) The pen lags or leaves straight lines at the start of the stroke.

The delay occurs at the end of the stroke when lifting the pen from the tablet.

The delay may be due to the value set in undo levels in Clip Studio Paint or the power plan setting of your OS.

Please follow the steps below:

Windows power settings

1. Open the Windows Control Panel.

2. Select Power Options from System and Security.

3. If the selected power plan is Power saver, change it to Balanced.

Depending on your PC, your power plan may also be set to ECO.

Set it to Balanced as shown in the image below.

For further details, please refer to your computer manufacturer’s manual, and turn off its power-saving mode by setting it to a normal mode.

Preferences in Clip Studio Paint

Open [File] Menu > [Preferences] > [Performance] and set the value of [Undo levels] to the low value, such as 30.

If there is no improvement, set the [Undo interval between actions] to 0.

If the issue is not solved after trying the above, please refer to the information below.

The entire stroke delays

If the entire stroke delays, please follow the steps below:

Check the canvas size

Select [File] Menu > [New] and create a 800px × 600px canvas with 72dpi to check if the delay still occurs.

Since the delay does not occur if the canvas is too large, confirm the canvas size via [Edit] menu > [Change Image Resolution] and change it as required.

If the canvas size is considerably large and exceeds 10,000px, it may affect drawing performance.

If the unit is set to mm, a normal-sized manga manuscript is B4 size (220mm×310mm). Make sure that the file isn’t much larger than this baseline size.

Check the sub tool in use

Check if the specific brush delays or if all brushes delay.

If the specific brush delays, return the brush to default settings and confirm if it still delays.

Can I reset the tool settings to the default settings?

For watercolor and decoration brushes, note that if the brush size is too big, drawing speed slows down.

Check pen tablet driver settings (Windows)

Open the pen tablet's settings screen and, if there is a "Use Windows Ink" setting, turn that off.

If you are using a Wacom pen tablet, open properties and set the below settings.

1. Turn off Double click distance under Pen.

2. Turn off Use digital ink function in Mapping.

Preferences in Clip Studio Paint (Mac)

1. Select [Preferences] in the [CLIP STUDIO PAINT] Menu.

2. Select [tablet] on the left side of the screen shown.

3. Set as below and close Clip Studio Paint.

*[Processing priority] = "1"

*[Precision] = [Recommended]

If the issue is not solved after trying the above, please follow the steps below.

1. Set [Priority for process] between 2 - 5 and check for the delay.

2. If there is a delay or you feel something is wrong, set [Precision] to [Prefer speed] and set the [Priority for process] value from 1 - 5 and check for the delay.

Display connection (Windows)

A delay can occur in Clip Studio Paint if you have more than one display monitor (including graphics tablets), and they are each connected to different graphic boards in your PC.

Check that the display connections are connected to the graphics board and check in the delay still occurs.

Please follow the steps below to check the connection of each display.

1. Right click the Windows start button and select Search.

2. Input [dxdiag] into the search box and press Enter to run the DirectX diagnosis tool.

Note: It may take some time until the DirectX diagnosis tool screen shows.

3. Select the Display 1 and Display 2 tabs. The name of the graphics board will show next to the First row that says “Name.”

If the graphic board names are different for each display like in the image below, connect both displays to the same graphics board, restart your PC and check again with Clip Studio Paint.

If the issue is not solved after trying the above, please refer to the information below.

There is normally no problem, but there is a timing delay on a regular interval.

Although there is no problem normally, if the drawing delay occurs at a regular interval, it may be affected by installed resident software or the driver.

Check the following items.

Check the driver installed on the PC

If an Xbox game controller driver in installed, drawing will be delayed in Clip Studio Paint.

Check drawing operation after uninstalling the applicable driver.

Security software exclusion settings

Security software may be interfering with the application.
Please refer to the following page for security exclusion settings.

If the issue is not solved after trying the above, please refer to the information below.

If the problem persists

If the problem persists after trying all of the above, please contact our support.

Please include the following information when contacting us.

Necessary information

• OS types
• Clip Studio Paint version
• PC manufacturer and model number
• Pen tablet manufacturer and model number
• Pen tablet driver version

Screenshots (Windows)

Attaching the following kinds of screenshots can help expedite your inquiry.

• Programs

A screenshot of the screen displayed by selecting Windows start > Windows system tool > Control panel or by clicking Uninstall the program button (Programs and functions).
Note: Please take multiple screenshots so that all of the programs can be seen.

• Windows version display screen (Windows10)

Select Windows start > Settings > System or select Version information on the left of the screen and screenshot the screen that shows the version and OS build on the right of the screen.

• Display settings

Right-click on an empty part of the desktop, select Display settings and take a screenshot.
Note: Please take multiple screenshots so that all of the programs can be seen.

• Clip Studio Paint Preference settings

Open [Preferences] from Clip Studio Paint’s [File] Menu and take screenshots of the [Tablet] and [Performance] categories.


•CELSYS User Support.

•Please write ”Inquiry: FAQ-20190019” in the subject line.