When 3D materials are pasted onto the canvas, they will not show or the application force closes

If 3D materials do not appear on the canvas when pasted, or pasting a material causes the application to force close, try the following options.

Windows: Change preference settings

Turning off the option to improve 3D display quality may reduce processing and improve the issue.

1. Open File menu > Preferences.

2. Select 3D from the left menu.

3. Uncheck Use multi-sampling and press OK to close preferences.

4. Restart Clip Studio Paint.

Change 3D layer settings

If pasting creates a 3D layer, change Display settings for editing to Normal in Tool Property and see if that improves the issue.

Is the graphics driver updated to the latest version?

If the graphic driver installed on your PC is old, update it to the newest version.

Note: Please check with your PC manufacturer for update instructions.

Windows: Display connection

A delay can occur when using 3D functions if you have several monitors (including graphics tablets), and they are each connected to different graphic boards in your PC.

Please follow the steps below to check the connection of each display.

1. Right-click the Windows start button and select Search.

2. Input dxdiag into the search box and press Enter to run the DirectX diagnosis tool.

Note: It may take some time for the DirectX diagnosis tool screen to show.

3. Select the Display 1 and Display 2 tabs. The name of the graphics board will show next to the first row that says Name.

If the graphics board names are different for each display like in the image below, connect both displays to the same graphics board, restart your PC and check again with Clip Studio Paint.