All customized settings have been reset to default

If customized settings in Clip Studio Paint, such as materials or tools, disappear and restored to default, check the folder where the settings are saved.

If you have backed up your settings to the cloud, you can also restore them from there.

Check the User data folder

Clip Studio Paint setting information is stored in the CELSYS folder in the following location:


1.10.13 or later

C:/Users/(Your user name)/AppData/Roaming/CELSYSUserData/CELSYS

Note: If the AppData folder is not visible, go to the View tab at the top of Explorer and check Hidden Files.

Note: If you are using a previous version and have not moved the folder, please be sure to check the the storage location of versions 1.10.12 or earlier.

1.10.12 and earlier

C:/Users/(user name)/Documents/CELSYS

Note: This is the Documents folder in Windows


Macintosh HD/Users/(Your user name)/Library/CELSYS

Note: Hold down Option on your keyboard and click the Go menu in the Apple menu to display the Library.

Once you have confirmed that the above folders exist, please make sure that you have not renamed or moved them.

If you have changed the folder name

If the name has been changed, rename the newly created CELSYS folder in Document to 1CELSYS, then rename the original folder to CELSYS.

If you moved the folder to a different location

Change the newly created CELSYS folder to 1CELSYS, and then move the moved CELSYS folder back to its original location.

If any changes are made to the folder, such as moving or renaming it, a new CELSYS folder will be created and your settings will be reset to default.
If the creation date of the folder is close to the time when the settings were reset to default, then a default CELSYS folder may have been created.

Restore settings backed up to the cloud.

If you have backed up your settings to the Clip Studio cloud, you can also restore them from there.

Note: If you have never saved the settings to the cloud, they cannot be restored.

Please follow the steps below to restore settings.

Customized settings

Original materials

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