If you see an error message saying "This app version cannot be activated with your license (Ver. 1)" upon launching Ver. 2.

If you see This app version cannot be activated with your license (Ver. 1), then this means that you have installed Clip Studio Paint Ver. 2 before verifying your license.

Launch the app and verify your license to use Ver. 2.0.

Depending on your license you will need to do the following:

Note: this FAQ is for Windows/macOS users

Perpetual license activation code

Verify your license in the following way if you received your Clip Studio Paint Ver. 2.0 one-time purchase perpetual license through the pre-release offer as a gift.

If you don’t know your activation code, see here.

1. Start Clip Studio.

2. Tap Enter Activation code, and register your code.

3. After registering your code, tap Change license.

Update Pass

If you are subscribed to the Update Pass, follow the steps below to activate your license.

1. Start Clip Studio Paint.

2. On the Getting Started with Clip Studio Paint screen, tap Select & Enter.

3. When the license list shows, tap Active next to Update Pass.

If the authentication screen does not display

If the Getting Started with Clip Studio Paint screen does not display after launch, then you can verify your license from the Review/Change License screen.


Select the Help menu > Review/Change License.


Select the Clip Studio Paint logo menu > Review/Change License.

If you do not have a license for Ver. 2.0

If you do not have a license for Ver. 2.0, you can purchase a plan by following the steps below.

If you forgot which product you have purchased or don’t know the details of your plan, see here.
Find out what Ver. 2.0 plan works best for you based on the way you use Clip Studio Paint.

1. Tap Use the latest features after starting Clip Studio.

2. Select the product or plan you want and purchase it.

3. License verification will run based on what product or plan you have.

One-time purchase

Please refer to this page:

Update Pass

Tap Open Clip Studio Paint to launch it.

Monthly Usage Plan

Please refer to this page:

If you wish to use Clip Studio Paint Ver. 1, please follow the instructions here to downgrade.